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The Brand

DaLongYi Hot Pot was founded in 2013 in Chengdu, Sichuan. Now it is a large-scale global catering service company that mainly focuses on providing authentic Sichuan hot pot to customers around the world. We own "Dalong Shabu Hot Pot," "Dalong Shabu Portable Pot," "Liu Hot Pot Hot Pot," "Pao Bao Po Hot Pot Pickled Vegetables," and many other brands. Our slogan is "Hot pot for the world." As of September 2019, we have opened more than 2000 stores with more than 300 franchised stores in many largest cities globally, such as Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Singapore.

We resource our food from our own farms

Over the years, our product development team has been doing deep researches into the selection of species to ensure the unique taste and authenticity of our hot pot.  Following the green food standards, we have built our farms in Yuexi, Sichuan, Anyang, Henan, and Jinxiang, Shandong. We plant various chilli from all over the world in our farms and deliver those species to the central kitchen. We aim to provide the most authentic, tasty and healthy hot pot to our customers.

Rigorous selection of hot pot species and exclusively ingredients. 

We currently provide house special spicy butter hot pot, which is mixed with over 20 spices and prepared for 4-5 hours. It achieves a high degree of integration between the oil and the spices. The oil colour is bright, and the rich taste is constant after long cooking time. We have taken an important step in quality assurance to upgrade our production process. That's why we are the leader of innovation in the hot pot industry.


Innovational catering platform serving more our stores globally

With years of exploration and operation, DaLongYi has formed a complete supply chain from its food sources to the central kitchen. We also have great experience in brand operation and marketing. Together, we support more than 2000 stores globally.


  • Top Ten Leading Companies in the Asian Catering Industry at the 2019 Asian Economic Conference


  • Top 100 Chinese Catering Brands in 2019 from the World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry


  • Top 50 Most Valuable Brands to Invest in China and Top 50 Marketing Innovation Award at the 5th Catering Innovation Conference 2019


  • Most Popular Hot Pot Brand at the 2019 Chengdu Catering Ceremony by Chengdu Business Daily.


  • The Most Popular Hot Pot Brand Of The Year at the 6th Chengdu Hot Pot Festival


  • Top 10 Franchised Hot Pot Brand at the 10th China Hot Pot Industry Conference in 2018 by China Hotel Association


  • Top 10 Franchised Hot Pot Brand at the 10th China Hot Pot Industry Conference in 2018 by China Hotel Association


  • Top 100 Famous Brand in Sichuan of The Year 2018 and The Most Popular Hot Pot Brand In Sichuan at the Sichuan Brand Conference in 2018


  • The Most Influential Catering Brand in Sichuan of 2018 at the 17th Western Expo Sichuan Catering Industry Development Summit Forum


  • The Red Top Award in Chinese Hot Pot Industry by China Cuisine Association in 2018


  • Top Ten Hot Pot Brands of 2018 in the Tencent 5th Chengdu Hot Pot Festival


  • Honorary Presidential Company of Sichuan Hot Pot Association in 2017


  • The Leading Brand in China's Authentic Sichuan-Style Hot Pot Industry from 2016 to 2017 at the 17th annual meeting of China Hotel Industry in 2017


  • The Most Advanced Hot Pot Restaurant in Chengdu by Chengdu Commercial News


  • 2016 Food Safety Demonstration Enterprise by Sichuan Daily News


  • Member of the board of director, Sichuan Hotel and Entertainment Industry Association, 2015

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